Very different in mood from my Night Trails and Lemons collections, the Burgundy Series are gentle meditations on a wine-coloured world of flowers. They were several years in the making and required a considerable amount of creative experimentation to perfect the painterly, gossamer lightness of texture which characterizes this collection. As a result, images from the Burgundy Series will add a rich splash of colour when hanging on summery white villa walls, or evoke a soft air of mystery on dark-painted accent walls in dining rooms or bedrooms.

I´ve been making floral abstracts for many years, during which time my work has not only been sold to private collectors but has been also used by graphic design agencies and leading retailers, as well as being reproduced on posters and syndicated in more than 25 countries worldwide.

The Burgundy Series are available as individual framed canvases in sizes up to 140 x 140cm. These images also work beautifully as 3-part artworks in smaller sizes: you can purchase them as trios of framed or bare canvases sized 75 x 75cm or 90 x 90cm.

The Burgundy Series of images are sold in Limited Editions of 5.